Saturday, August 23, 2014

A weekend to celebrate Todd

We got all the extended family together last weekend in Georgia to celebrate my first cousin Todd's 50th birthday. We all have such fond memories or riding three wheeled Hondas (yes I know now how dangerous that was with no helmet), swimming at Aunt Brenda's pool and going to movies after church on Sunday. 

We had a big cookout and cake at my Grandparents home that his oldest brother now owns. Many good memories at this special place. 

And now all the first cousins have kids that are almost grown!  There were 15 of us and I can't even count how many there are now.  

We also had time for a little fishing, but the highlight was seeing the two small alligators in the pond (why we don't swim down there unless it's a pool). 

And Sunday was Dad's birthday and I know it pleased him to have all three daughters and five grandchildren with him at church. Wish it wasn't a 9 hour trip!

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