Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

I finally got the video done for Wade that I meant to do last year, but my procrastination allowed me to include some photos of this year's Christmas preparation too. It's amazing how much he has changed. 

We had Grey Grey and Teenie here with Mary and her boys Christmas Eve. They helped Wade decorate a train cake. I got this pan to make cakes for Landon's third birthday ... seems like just yesterday. 

On Christmas morning he still didn't know what to expect...if you listen close he will say "that's not my toy"

Yes this huge Cars themed train table now serves as my coffee table in the cabin. 

We had a nice relaxing day, sharing Christmas lunch and gifts with Mikes side of the family.  We took Friday off and Dad treated us all to lunch at the Mexican restaurant (also to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary). Mary and I then took the boys to see the final Hobbit movie. 

Didn't expect the weekend to end on this note....

A man made a left turn right into our path. Mike was driving and thankfully we all were fine. Wade was pretty shaken )as was his Mommy) when after the impact all you see and smell is the smoke from the airbag charges. So I will have a few extra to do's tomorrow as we look to get a replacement. This Explorer was a 2002 and had about 235,000 miles but we had just spent about $5,000 getting it back in good shape last year.....  But what's most import is that it kept us all safe. Bye bye old friend. Hello car payment. 

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