Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year

Kim's crew came up for a few days over New Years. They always bring a ton of activity to the cabin with Mary's crew. Wade loves the flurry of 4 older wild cousins!  We did pose them for this shot

Then no trip to see ️Aunt Leanne is complete without doughnuts. The boys had a contest. Marshall was the winner by eating 8 but Landon held his own with 4. Their Moms halted the contest. 😜Wade thinks he is holding up his number but trust me he only had one. 

The first week of the year has been a blur...between finding a new car and feeling better (sinus issues and sore from wreck) I think I am now ready to tackle 2015. No real resolutions this year, but goals:

1-sell my house
2-potty train Wade
3-complete the Ramblin Rose triathlon in August
4-utilize my new freezer....for easier weeknight meals and more garden output
5-stay healthy and positive for my two guys at home whom I couldn't imagine not being in my life

Off to Dogwood for an overnight quilt fest with the Bee. Never fails to recharge my batteries!  Happy New Year!

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