Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thank You Jim Morgan

Mr Morgan is retiring from Krispy Kreme and I wish him all the best. But I would also like to thank him for restoring my faith in leaders. I knew almost immediately after arriving at Krispy Kreme that he was no ordinary CEO.  Krispy Kreme was thought by many on the brink of collapse when he took over.  At my first company wide meeting he reminded everyone to keep their Faith and Family priorities in check or we would be no good to the company. Not that he didn't expect us to work hard....just keep things in balance. I love that he was not afraid to talk about his faith in our politically correct world. 

But how about this from your CEO?  He found out the day we were to first hold Wade in our arms and left us a voice mail just to say he would be praying for us. I had worked there about 6 months, surely this man was too busy to treat us all like that. But he made time...and the video that was made for him recounted story after story where he did similar things for others. 

Krispy Kreme is now a healthy company and such a great working environment. He was successful both on paper but more importantly in the hearts of us all. 

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a terrific testimonial; you're in the right place! Thanks be to God for leaders such as this one.