Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prayer quilt for Faith

Sitting in church last Sunday morning I was thinking of Faith and her upcoming surgery. I didn't know of anything to say to her more than she would be in my prayers....and I am not discounting the power of prayer by any means. Then it hit me, I am a quilter and I can do something a little more tangible and lasting. 

So during Wade's nap (thanks Daddy for pulling extra Wade time this week) I pulled out fabric I had for a kit...modified the design a little, cut the blocks out and had them sewn in time for our members to sign them that evening. By the next Sunday it was ready to tie and many many of our congregation got to take part in making a prayer knot. 

She leaves in the morning for Charlotte and she, her family and the doctors will continue to be in my prayers. We love you Faith.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This is such a powerful gift; you have made manifest the hopes, wishes and prayers that now comfort and surround Faith as she seeks healing away from home. Bless you and the saints of your congregation!

Carrie P. said...

what fun. he has grown so much. Merry Christmas!