Friday, June 11, 2010

Check, Check, and Check

We got the boys all measured for their tuxes today....and stopped to show middle sister the reception venue in Yadkinville. There was another group setting up for a wedding tomorrow and I asked the lady what she was doing for of my outstanding to do's. She said she found white ones on sale at Sears for $2 less than she could rent them. I paused then offered to pay her half if she would let me rent them for my wedding.......DEAL! My neice has her dress so we tweaked a color of her brother's tie a little....and tomorrow its a quest to find shoes and a veil. Sunday we are taking a bike ride with the preacher....I wonder how many others got their pre-marital counseling on a bike? Then I have to get ready for the quilt guild meeting on Monday, not probably the best time in my life to take over as President, but I have a great board and it will all calm down in a few months I am sure. Oh No!...sister just called they left the dress at the tux shop, I am off to retrieve it.


Salem Stitcher said...

Cool deal on the tablecloths! Sounds like you've had a fun-filled day of pre-wedding stuff.

I hate to miss the guild meeting Monday night but Laura and I will be doing our duty in Columbus. Being president is a piece of cake compared to VP and you've done a great job with that. Hey! It worked! I got married when I was president and so will you!

Summer said...

Busy lady! But if anyone can multi-task and list make - it is you my friend!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Busy days~ things will all calm down in a couple of months and so will you! You strike the best deals!! See you Monday!