Saturday, August 22, 2009


You would have thought it was Christmas at the Grand Opening of the new Lego store in Concord Mills. At one point there was a 40 minute line just to get in. Buddy is a Lego fanatic and we both bought a Star Wars kit.

Here we are standing by a lifesize Star Wars character made from Legos.

We also helped build some blocks to use in the 8 foot tall R2D2 they were building in the food court (which won't be done until Sunday) We got Star Wars posters and the Master Builder autographed them, here is what mine said:

Aunt Leanne - Play On! (Then he drew a little Lego)

Good Advice, I sure have had a lot of play time this summer!


Carrie P. said...

Oh what fun. My boys loved Legos. I still have a huge box that will be ready when I have grandkids.
You asked a question on my blog about the little wallhanging I made. The answer is that it is a flange. Just a 1 inch piece of fabric folded in half and then sewed at the edge of the quilt. I have cut the fabric smaller before to get a smaller version of the flange.

Salem Stitcher said...

You are definitely the coolest aunt ever!

LauraQuilts said...

I LOVE Legos. We had tons of them when the kids were small (smaller even than the grandkids are now - how did THAT happen?). We had a set that had a little man in it and that little man became Lattice Man and he could be found in the most unusual places throughout the house for many years. Lattice Man had an entire back story, made up and embellished by everyone in the Patridge household - what fun he was. May you all have your very own Lattice Man!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

that looks like so much FUN!! I may have to plan a road trip for my boys :-)