Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome Home Norm

Dad's cat was chased away by something big the night before they came home from the beach. His food was torn open and water bowl turned over and Norm was missing. For over two weeks Dad has been calling and looking for any sign of him. Last night (17 days later) my cousin called and said they had heard him under their house. Seems Norm ran under to escape whatever was chasing him but last week he had shut the access door and he had been locked in. Norm must not have realized he was so close to home....or too scared to try to come back. But Dad's voice danced last night as he called to tell me that he retrieved Norm and he looks good (he had plenty of body fat to allow him to survive such an ordeal I guess). From now on, Dad will turn on the A/C in the garage and Norm will be safely locked in while they travel. Welcome Home Norm!


Karen Newman Fridy said...

yay!! a happy ending!!

Salem Stitcher said...

Aw man! That is great news! Great! Great! GREAT!

quiltkeemosabe said...

I'm so happy Norm came back. Sort of like the Cheers character----"NORM!!!!" anyway, I"m glad there was a happy ending and that he's safe and sound and home again. We told you he might show up!