Monday, August 3, 2009

Are you a SheBeest?

You probably can't see the writing in the photo, but this bike jersey has "SheBeest" written all over it. This is a brand of cycling apparel for women and I have to admit I feel a little more empowered when I wear it. We rode the Overmountain Victory trail Saturday at Kerr Scott Lake. The Brushy Mt Cycling club has constructed a 6 mile trail in the park where this historical pathway once was. This path was critical during the Revolutionary War for moving troops around.

I know there are other quilters out there who are ready to find their inner SheBeest on a bike. Not everyone's Beest will be the same, some will aspire to ride singletrack and jump over logs...others will be happy with a ride around Salem Lake or down a neighborhood greenway. I am ready to help! I think everyone should bike.

So here are a few pointers.....
1) Invest in a quality bike. Bikes have come a long way, they are lighter and much more comfortable than you may remember. But if you go to WalMart and buy a cheap bike it will be heavy and not enjoyable to don't do it. Most will enjoy a Comfort Bike (its a mountain bike frame with a much more upright position). You can even get a shock on the front wheel and seat post to make for a smoother ride.
2) Buy a Helmet immediately! Yes you may feel a little like a storm trooper at first but come on its your head we are protecting and its not a fashion contest. Helmets are basically all about the same but will get more expensive as they get lighter and have more ventillation.
3) Bike Shorts: The lycra kind I am wearing work the best. Yes its like having a pampers on...but believe me the soft padding is a lifesaver once you get hot. And by all means don't wear your underwear, these are made to go right up against you. If you can't stand the idea of wearing them alone you can always get a lightweight pair of nylon baggy shorts to pull on over these. Or Terry makes a little skirt that you can clip around you too.
4) Gloves: For longer rides they give you a place to wipe your nose or drips of sweat and help reduce fatique in your hands and wrists.
5) Glasses: If you don't have sunglasses on you still may want something to keep bugs and the occasional branch out of your eyes. You can even get clear or yellow tints for overcast days.
6) Bike Bag: You need somewhere to keep your keys and cell phone. And for longer trips a snack!

The ski club is meeting on August 20th at Ken's Bike Shop on Reynolda Road at 7 pm. They will present a program about bicycle maintenance. All are welcome....even if its just to fantasize about your inner SheBeest!


Salem Stitcher said...

I actually pulled a Comfort bike off the rack and sat on it at REI on Saturday.

I've got August 20th on my calendar!

Carrie P. said...

I don't ride bikes much anymore but the bike shorts are a must!