Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day = Sew Day

I had to take a break from quilting this morning to go out an play in the snow. I hardly ever get my Explorer into 4 Wheel drive so I took it for a spin around the neighborhood. We had about 7" of snow and driving was pretty bad last night. Thankfully the sun is out and all the main roads are in good shape. The kids on the cul de sac weren't going to show me up....I made a skiing snowman to decorate the yard. Yes she ski's a little like me, sitting back too far and arms flailing by my side.

Now back to quilting...this Christmas present must get done by Friday!!!


Karen Newman Fridy said...


We had an all-boys snow war complete with snow forts built from packed snow blocks (made in a cooler, or was it the recycling bin?) ...snowballs hurled back and forth across our side street via about 14(?) boys.

What ever happened to making snow angels?? ;)

Salem Stitcher said...

She's great! Much better than the snowmen Shelby and I saw on our walk this morning.

Gina said...

Love it!