Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Civil War to Space Stations

Last night I was completing my first Civil War block for SO's new block of the month....I cut the fabric wrong for one of the strips and got frustrated and tossed it down. I looked at my phone and saw it was exactly 7:23 and the paper said we should be able to see the space shuttle Discovery and the Space Station cross our nighttime sky. So I stepped outside the barn and looked up. Sure enough here came what looked like a bright light (like a fast moving plane) move across the sky. I wasn't sure that it was the shuttle for sure, but then to my delight I saw another bright light at about the same speed following the same trajectory! That was the Space Station! So re-energized I walked back into the barn and found a fabric from my stash to replace the one I cut wrong and started again....but thinking about what progress we have made in 150 years. Sure another quilter may have been making a block like this with some of these style fabrics...but not with the tools we have today. Maybe if I ever get to travel to space...I will take an old quilt with me.


quiltkeemosabe said...

Your block looks fine and now it's entirely yours with your own fabric in it! Glad you got to see the space shuttle and space station in the sky. I remember watching Sputnik or Telstar in the sky back when I was a little kid with my dad.

LauraQuilts said...

I'm NOT the only one that put it together wrong! YAY. I am doing both colorways and the repro block went fine - the Kaffe had two middle blocks disoriented, so I had to unsew the rows and you know the rest. I love seeing the shuttle and the space station go by - it's thrilling to know there are people up there. Congrats on being able to experience that.

Salem Stitcher said...

I've been in my own little world - missed the shuttle and haven't done my block yet.

I better get with the program!