Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another full week!

Mike and I had a great time on our first trip away from Wade. We left him in the cap blue hands of Aunt Kim and Uncle Jared while we spent 2 nights in the Georgia mountains. He didn't miss us at all it appears. 

We had a full week back home as I started the triathlon training. Swim on Monday, run Tuesday, swim Wednesday, bike Thursday and run Friday.  I can't put more than two leg the of the pool together without a rest and. Can't run solid for a half mile yet but well see. 

Friday was the big Krispy Kreme birthday. I boxed hot doughnuts for about three hours and then brewed coffee Saturday morning for the big party downtown. We took the Studebaker to the party but unfortunately the brakes gave us trouble on the way home and we had to call AAA. They may cancel my membership soon as this is the third tow in about four months.  I was following in the Explorer so we were cool as we waited for the tow. 

And finally look at the cool chair Mike made me. Ski and Tennis has one like this. The blue K2's were my first pair of skis. They were bought used in 1985 from a shop going out of business. I love it!!  He and Wade waited for me to finish the bike ride on Thursday them we all went out for Mexican. Pretty nice anniversary don't ya think?

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You definitely have the best boys in the world! The chair is awesome and your hike must have been so much fun. For one who attended the KK party, I have to say how much fun it was; so sorry for your less-than-perfect trip back home; Wade and all of his smiles make even the down times seem like FUN! :)