Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Every Stitch you sew on Sunday... will rip out nine on Monday". That is what my Great Grandmother Hamm told my Mom often as a little girl.  She taught my Mom how to sew and Mom taught me so I respect her a lot....and even wear her diamond as a part of my engagement ring. But, I bet sewing was seen as a chore back then and not the creative therapy it is to me. 

So after church and A Mexican lunch....Wade does this
And I get to do this......
Block #7 done for the month (this is the start of a camper quilt for Wade). 

A start on making bibs for Love without boundaries as they travel to China to repair the lips of cleft babies

And finally done the last block in the Civil War $5 quilt from Sew Original a few years back. I was traumatized one year in a class at Mid Atlantic trying to piece a curved seam so I machine appliquéd them instead.  I plan on making a big quilt for our bed with these and the signature blocks the guild gave me the year I was President (also Civil War fabrics)

And since I almost never get to stitch through the week....maybe this saying won't apply. 

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My grandmother's rule was "sew on Sunday and rip those stitches out with your nose"! I'm not SEW sure about that...