Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life in the Country

GP sat straight up in bed about 2am...."I heard something". He went downstairs, looked outside, then decided maybe he dreamed it. Then about 15 minutes later.....I heard it. The high pitched panicky yelps of a coyote. It wasn't on the front porch or anything but it was pretty close. My mind immediately went to Banjo, do we need to start putting him up for the night in the barn? There are bats in the soffetts, spiders at the back door, racoons, ground hogs, deer and opossums a I have to get ready to face a coyote (although I don't plan to be out much in the middle of the night).
I am also learning more about the economics of country living. Like Dry Cleaning, when there is only one place in town...its expensive! We will be taking that back to WS in the future. But the little grocery store is pretty good both for selection and price so that makes it easy for quick trips when in the middle of a recipe we are missing something. And the local florist....she did a great job on both the wedding and the funeral and for a very good price. I'm learning.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your new dog doesn't look too happy.

LauraQuilts said...

You might want to give Dryel a try - it's the "homegrown" dry cleaning kit, available in the grocery store. Works well in the dryer and it'll save a trip to the city!