Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vegetable Garden Warning

OK groundhog, you and all your buddies have already been spotted checking out the garden spot. Well be warned, I am planting this weekend and we are putting up a small fence around the plot this year. If this doesn't keep you and your kind away we may have to resort to more drastic measures. I will not watch my tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and other vegetables eaten ... vine and all. Now your taller Deer friends will have a choice. If they fail to heed the fence, I will resort to an electric wire around the top baited with peanut butter. Come on, taste this yummy treat and ZAP, you will learn the hard way to stay away.


Salem Stitcher said...

ahhh, the country life...uh, wait...we have those varmits too. Good luck teaching them a lesson!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

My lettuce is starting to grow...I may need to put some fencing up too.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, those wild critters are bad. I put a fence around some of stuff last year to keep out the rabbits. I am not planting as much this year so I will see how it does without a fence.
The deer are bad around here too. UGH!