Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

I headed up to hike off the parkway with friends from the ski club Saturday even though it was quite hazy. We saw early wildflowers on this nice wooded trail but had to cut it short due to rain. It even hailed small pellets on us for a few minutes. To save gas, we all 6 rode in the Explorer, I took the photo early in the trip...not sure Sugar Maple and Dairy Queen would have still had smiles in that third seat after riding all that way. But we all felt better for getting outside (avoiding housework) and an early dinner at Butch's BBQ in Morganton. They make their own bread...yummy. Salem Stitcher had a camera with her that captured some of our sightings...check her post out.
Sunday afternoon it warmed up just in time for a Relay for Life fundraising concert in the county park. It was a beach band and Sugar Maple brought her Mom for her birthday. Even though she is struggling with Alzheimers she hasn't forgotten how to shag. That's her with Whole Wheat (who else would be wearing a fleece vest and that hiking hat to a beach music festival). Go Postal and I enjoyed the afternoon and slipped back to church just in time for the evening bible study...hopefully they didn't notice I still had my flip flops on.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You cram more fun into every minute than anyone I know... what a fun-filled weekend!

Nane said...

But my house isn't as tidy as yours Mrs G. Actually I cleaned bathrooms before church on Sunday...not exactly the way we're supposed to spend our day of rest I know.

Salem Stitcher said...

I really needed to be out there Saturday. I enjoyed every minute!