Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday GP

Yesterday was Go Postal's birthday and what a full day it was. I was first able to wish him Happy Birthday at 1:30am when we go up after hearing the bad storm that was pounding the cabin. Then again at 6:45am as I awoke to the sound of a chainsaw. Seems a huge white pine fell at the end of the driveway and he had to get it cut out of the way so we could get to work. Now mind you, I usually just grunt as he gets up at 5:00am and we don't really "talk" until I get home from work in the evening so wishing him Happy Birthday twice before 7am was a feat! I went over lunch to watch Buddy's third grade class compete in Southwest Elementary's multiplication tournament. His class was the ECU pirates, so he went to class with half his face painted purple and half gold. He did really well and you could tell all the kids were taking it so serious. They won their first two matches and will have the finals tomorrow. I wasn't planning on going but he grabbed my hand and asked me to be there....and I caved. GP was called by my Dad, serenaded by my sister's family and opened his gifts all before meeting his family for some Mexican food (his favorite) Here he is talking to his nephew who called from Ft Bliss to wish him a Happy Birthday. We then went by my house in WS to make sure there was no damage there...and made it back to the cabin about bedtime. A full day for sure!!!


Salem Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday GP! Sounds like it was a wild one!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Happy Birthday GP...and congrats to Buddy for doing well in the competition!