Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And now Bats!

Flattop has evaded capture...but has also not shown back up, so maybe he got the hint he was not welcome. Now there are bats. This one (the picture is not too clear since I took it with my phone and didn't want to get too close) is hanging on a log right on the front porch. I know they eat a lot of bugs but this is a little too cozy. Anyone have any luck re-locating bats? Maybe some nice bat houses hung away from the cabin would help. Go Postal says they all come back home in the morning about 30 minutes before his alarm goes off....and thats EARLY.

Banjo doesn't seemed too bothered by them


Salem Stitcher said...

We used to get a little bat on the front porch up at the lake every now and then. I wonder what it is aboout front porches that they like so much.

KarenF said...

OK, I physically shivered on that one! EEWWWWWW!!!! I'd be building those bat houses pronto like and hanging them far, far away!!!!!!

Almond-Rubio Family said...

cool!! You've got a zoo at Mike's house! maybe you can charge admission?