Thursday, May 6, 2010

Checking Off

Sorry readers, but this blog is much a journal for me to enjoy in the future as it is to inform my friends and family of daily happenings. So here starts the rambling about wedding plans! I have only been engaged four days but since the date is so soon I have had to move fast. This will be a small event compared to most weddings today but Go Postal isnt much for big crowds especially when all eyes are on him.
Church - Check - Boonville Baptist
Preachers - Check - Uncle Thad and Uncle Dwight!
Reception - Check - Allison Oaks Tasting Room in Yadkinville
Caterer - Check - Branch Bakery/Battle Branch Cafe in Yadkinville
Photographer - Check - Allure Photography (Thanks Mrs Goodneedle)
Dress - Check - Mom's fits fine!
Hotel Block - Check - Days Inn Yadkinville
The decorations, tuxes, and flowers can all get finalized now over the next few weeks. I have to laugh at the on line wedding check lists. They start with 18 months out.... This is much easier and more fun that getting my house ready to sell will be. I haven't broken to Zorro yet that Banjo will be his new step-brother. He will have a spacious new sewing room to live in. As long as his couch moves too he will be happy.
Getting married older has its benefits, I know where I want our budget to go and am blessed with so many friends who have jumped right in to offer help.
Go Postal's Dad is moving to an intermediate re-hab facility today. He is working hard and I think the wedding will be a good motivator for him to get as strong as he can by July 10th.


Salem Stitcher said...

Whatever you need from me, just say the word. I might not be as excited as you are about your engagement but I'm pretty darn close! I'm more than happy to do anything to help.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Just say the word, that's what friends are for! I'm on the lookout for that hem facing and will be in touch soon... check. I couldn't be happier for you and GP!!

quiltkeemosabe said...

I ditto the above comments! So happy for you!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Count me in too! You know the Miss Bee Havin's are at the ready...just tell us what you need! :)

kris said...

I am here for you 110%!! Assign me a duty/task!

Summer said...

WOOOO-HOOOOO. I am so excited for you!

Love and Best wishes my friend

MAM said...

Congrats Leeanne - wedding plans sound perfect!
Martha Ann