Monday, August 20, 2012

Next Adventure Needed New Toys

We have snorkeled in Hawaii and on our Disney Cruise but decided before we use rental equipment again we would check into buying our own stuff. I really just wanted my own snorkel (I am not even the germ a phobe that most are and the idea of using a rented tube that others have had in their mouth and breathed through was grossing me out). So we went to the local shop and "dove" right in...masks, snorkels, booties, fins, and a "free" mesh bag to keep it all in when you get the package. Now Go Postal gets to balance the checkbook to see how many nights of pinto beans are in our future. But I suspect when snorkeling on the Dry Tortugas we will be happy we have our own stuff that fits and performs well.


Becky G said...

Looks great! Hope you get a chance to snorkle in the underwater camp on your way fown the keys. Unless it has died there is reef you can swim to from shore & underh2o statues etc. it is so, so beautiful & the colors are surreal. Enjoy!

Salem Stitcher said...

It'll be worth it to have your own stuff and I'm betting there will be many more trips in the'll just need to add one little set!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I can't believe you got GP to pose for this photo... next thing you'll know he'll have his own blog! ;)
You'll have so much fun snorkeling on your toddlermoon.