Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to real life

We are missing some dates on one form in our dossier and my renter is not happy....welcome home. But for a few days Go Postal and I were far away from daily life and even did without phones or the Internet for about 48 hours.

Key West and the Dry Tortugas were such a contrast. The weather was perfect. I got to drive all the way down highway 1 with the top down on our rented Mustang. We toured the Hemingway home and the "Little White House" and caught the sunset at Mallory square.....along with some of the acts like Catman who has trained housecats to jump through hoops on fire.

The trip to Fort Jefferson was about three hours by Ferry but we had very smooth waters. Once there we got a prime campsite looking out to the water. Thankfully no rats were seen but there were hermit crabs skittering around everywhere. The only thing missing is a fresh water source so if we ever went back for more than one night we would have to take a lot more provisions to make it comfortable. We sat along the top of the fort wall to watch the Sunset. There were only about 6 other campers.

We put our new snorkel gear to use on the Dry Tortugas, there was coral and all kinds of fish to see along the moat walls and old pilings. We also took an excursion at John Pennekamp underwater State Park to see another coral reef.

I didn't make it to all the famous bars only one quick stop into the Green Parrott where GP saw a guitar signed by SRV, Santana, Clapton and other blues legends. We brought a glass home from there for our collection.

I will upload more pics when I get the photos off my big camera....for now the real world is calling.


Becky G said...

Makes me a little nostalgic for my late '70's & early '80s home. You hit so many of the highlights I remember, even the 6 toed Hemmingway cats! I hope you were able to eat some conch chowder and real Key Lime pie... and if you did, I hope they were as good as when I lived there. Plus Cafe con leche, cuban bread, black beans & rice... Yummo. It is another world. Welcome home!

MJMR said...

Glad to hear you had a good vacation. and yes the real world catches up with you fast when you get home.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Welcome home; so happy you had a memorable get-away, it all sounds wonderful... especially the disconnected part! I'm happy the weather cooperated too.