Friday, September 21, 2012

Design help please

It's time to buy furniture for the quilt studio. This corner where the tv is will be like a family room. We have finally found a sectional that doesn't completely swallow you up when you sit on it. The manufacturer is in N Wilkesboro so if we order this weekend we take advantage of Salem Creeks sale prices and should have it in time for Thanksgiving.

The sectional will almost make a U while will help define this space. The braided rug is moving into the cabin under the kitchen table.

I auditioned several colors but think I am leaning towards red. This green wasn't bad either. There are some samples below. The red that looks like courderoy? Is soon soft and should wear well but it looked a little orange under our lights. The other red is a better shade and looks quilted but more expensive. I told her I was going for whimsical since this big room has so much going on and she suggested the fish print for some pillows.

So what do you think? I plan on changing up with quilts of course too as the seasons change that's why I think the fabric should be a solid.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love, love, love the red... especially the quilt-looking one; but the corduroy is great too! I adore red and yellow together (Mustard & Ketchup quilt!!) and think that soft, sage-y green would be a perfect accent color to pick up. You have good design sense, it's inborn.

Becky G said...

All look good to me. If you love them all and need a tie breaker (or at least to eliminate one) perhaps red in honor of your child's heritage?

pbr said...

I like them all too, but the fish one might be a quick casualty to Banjo & Toddler wallow!