Sunday, January 31, 2010

Banjo gets out today!

Banjo didn't venture out of his heated well house yesterday, why would he....Go Postal even took his dinner to him. But today the sun had melted the top layer of snow enought that he could walk on top so here he is enjoying the sunny day at one of his many structures he patrols (you can click on the photo to make larger). This is the pack house (used years ago to pack tobacco). There are also two tobacco barns, a large barn, a smokehouse and an old chicken coop to look after. I am trying to get Go Postal to agree that with the new "car barn" he is building, Banjo may need some help. Maybe a girl kitty named Mandolin?


Salem Stitcher said...

I love this photo! It was so beautiful outside today with all the snow and sunshine. I hated being cooped up at the office all day. I'm glad at least Banjo got out.

Yes, I do think he needs a girl pal named Mandolin.

pbr said...

Or maybe one named Zorro?

OhQuilter said...

I agree, beautiful picture! Enjoy the snow wherever you may be finding it!;) See you soon!