Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day Four (7/6)

Day Hike to Timberline Lake, just a few weeks ago the trail still had a lot of snow on it. We made it to the lake and a breathtaking view for our picnic. This trail was more wooded and had different wild flowers than we saw on the Lost Man trail. Whole Wheat did a good job on this photo by setting in on a tripod then sprinting up the trail to just make it into the photo.

Here is one of the many meadows we crossed on the way up the trail. Elk and Moose traces were everywhere but we didn't see them.

There is one tricky stream crossing. The logs here are thin and bouncy so it really takes mind over matter to get across. Dairy Queen already knew about this so she packed sandals and braved the frigid water and just walked across. The poles really helped you balance as your boots could be on logs one and two and the poles on log three. It was scarier than this shot really shows.

Whole Wheat took this photo of the State Flower of Colorado.....The Columbine

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Bouncy, thin-log bridge... fun! ;)

WW did do well taking that photo, I wondered if you were traveling with a personal photographer; oh yeah, you were!