Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Banjo is No Dummy

Zorro and I worked in the quilt studio last night but when the wind and rain got really bad I came downstairs. GP was changing the break pads and rotors on my Civic....($100 savings woo hoo) He pointed over to the old wash tub thats filled with towels...and look who was in for the evening. Banjo was so comfortable that he couldn't get him to leave the barn at he spent the night in there. Actually I wouldn't mind if that would become a habit since I know he would be safer in there at night. We have heard coyotes before out there!!


Salem Stitcher said...

If it was a rough at your house last night as it was at mine, I don't blame Banjo one bit for hiding in the wash tub under the towels! Shelby was under my chair most of the night. I was glad to see the sun shining this morning!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

looks like he found the purrfect place to ride out the storm!