Monday, February 28, 2011

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

The crowds did not reflect a weak economy at this year's festival it was elbow to elbow both Friday and Saturday in all the vendor booths. The above picture is of the center of one impressive quilt, those little flying geese get so TINY!!! This year's best of show was a hand quilted very traditional applique, which was refreshing in a way.
This lady made the most awesome quilt with all kinds of felted animals on it. Then after felting the animals she hand embroidered all kinds of flowers, grass etc.

The next two are made in honor of special pets. These were both very large, and I am thinking that at this scale I might could tackle a portrait quilt someday....

This one was bed size! It reminded me of Jenny Lynn our calico. This was a quilt depicting a photo on a bulletin board...neat idea.

And finally after seeing all those quilts, who isn't inspired to think about your own quilting future. I was really trying to spend very little this year, but these two collections of fabric really called out to me. Soft pinks, blues and brown.....LOVE IT!! But really the most fun is seeing quilters that I don't get to see often...OhQuilter was in from Ohio and the Raleigh girls were there, we all had a "Show and Tell" the last night to show off our vendor "finds". Fun Fun

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Salem Stitcher said...

It was great fun as always!