Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 40th Mary

Mary is getting a little help from her youngest to blow out 40 candles. We all went to church, then after lunch Uncle GP loaded up his Jeep trailer and pulled it with the tractor...down through the woods and past the big hemlock, through the boggy arean and back to where the beavers have their dam. That gave me a chance to get the cooking done for the big celebration dinner.

Right before they left, Micky Mouse gave Grandaddy a call to tell him he was looking forward to having this entire crew on the Dream in a few weeks for a trip to Nassau and Castaway Cay. The kids have all received their message already so were excited to see Grandaddy get his call.

Monday, Teen took the three of us sisters to lunch...then we all had hour massages. Too bad she was the last one of us to turn 40!!

So after hosting 8 adults, 4 wild indians, and two dogs for the day....Go Postal and Banjo will probably relish the quiet today. We did have some time Monday afternoon to start laundry, wash three cars, get the tomatoes all staked and go see the new Piraetes of the Carribean movie. So a very full three day weekend, just the way I like it.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You can fill your days with fun and family better than anyone I know... you're right; you DO love that! Happy Birthday, Mary!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Birthday fun!!! Yay!!

Salem Stitcher said...

Wow! Busy weekend is right! Happy Birthday to Mary!