Monday, August 15, 2011

Harper Creek Falls

 The ski club went to a fun swimming hole in Linville Gorge on Saturday called Harper Creek Falls.  This location was just written about in last week's Relish.  The hike along the creek was about 1.5 miles and when we got to our desitnation, we used a rope to decend to the creek.  It was pretty slick so the rope was a must.
Here is the group, the water was pretty cold at first...but refreshing!
 There is a moss along this waterfall that is like a green shag carpet from teh 70's.  It made a great natural water slide.  The only problem was it was very slick climbing back up the far side so I only did it once.
But as we were finishing our PB@J's the sprinkles started....we packed in a hurry and scurried back up the rock (I seriously doubt I could have gotten back up if it was wet)  Thankfully Pat had the same poncho Salem Stitcher used a few weeks back with her because I left my rain jacket behind.  We got soaked on the hike out....just look at the run off on the trail.

It is a great location, we will definitely make the journey back

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Look at you, what a dare devil! It sure does look like FUN, what a pretty spot!