Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camping Near Tsali

Here are photos taken by Ken last weekend on our combo family/ski club trip to Tsali.  This is a wonderful place to mountain bike and we camped nearby at Turkey Creek campground (they have coffee for sale in the waiting on getting it from a camp stove!)
Pat and I just rode one lap on Saturday - 9 miles on Mouse

The guys didn't wait for us...they played on this drop a few times
 Not sure what happened to Go Potal here, he never crashes....but he went over the handlebars but luckily not into the lake....
 See how pretty these trails are, this is from left loop on Sunday overlooking Fontana Lake
 All that rode on Saturday.......

 Dinner after a day of riding is very important!!

Veggie Pakcets and Pork Chops for Dinner

Homeade Ice Cream

McKinley learning the Jelly Fish from Ken

After two nights in the woods!
And a stop on the way home at Jimmy Macks for the burgers raved about in Our State!  They didn't dissapoint.
The only bad part of the trip....I forgot our sleeping bags and pillow.  We realized it about Asheville so we stopped and bought four cheap Fleece throws...4 for $12.  You get what you pay for we about froze.  Luckily Kim and Jared broght us sleeping bags for Saturday night or I would have been looking for a motel.


Lila said...

FUN!!!! I knew that was a pic of Ken teaching he Jelly Fish to McKinley!! AWESOME!!!!

Lila said...

I can't believe Mike fell!!!!!