Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coffee Woes

Right after I lost my job with Hanes I had a great idea, I needed to soften some butter quickly for baking and thought, the top of the Bunn coffee maker is nice and warm...well needless to say, too warm and melted butter went all down into the water chamber.  After running countless pots of vinegar through it I saw I was never going to get the rancid butter scum out of my coffee.  So, I swallowed hard and paid a ridiculous amount of money for a new one with a great caraffe (made more difficult by the financial predicament I was in).  I justified it by how quickly it would pay for itself if it kept me from buying the $3.50 Latte I was used to while working.  This model will keep coffee hot for GP can make coffee at 5am and its is still great at 7ish when I am ready for my first cup.  But alas, our machine is leaking and the good news is they will send us a new one...the bad, is I now live miles from the nearest McDonalds and we won't even discuss how far I am from Starbucks.  Luckily I am headed to quilting retreat this weekend so won't have to go without.....poor Go Postal, its instant for him.  I have packed up 6 different projects and plan to make a monster effor to finish most!  Pictures when I return!

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Becky G said...

Enjoy your retreat! As to coffee, I LOVE the coffee my little Italian stovetop espresso pot makes. I use Starbucks espresso beans & it is fast & yummy! Mrs. Goodneedle posted about it a awhile back. I've seen the pots @ Harris Teeter @ $30.00 I think: Bialliti brand. Mine is not the little one. It makes good enough coffee for entertaining... If the power goes out you can make good coffee on a camp stove! Just don't run it through the dishwasher. End of commercial, needless to say I'm a fan & would have both pots... After all, we are talking morning coffee! Traveling mercies! B