Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting the cabin ready!

Go Postal brought the Christmas Tree in last night (sadly we don't have room for a real one so decided to use pencil tree I had bought the last year at my house).  Got down the lovely Santa we were made as a wedding gift...he stands about 2 feet high and his coat is made from an old velet and silk crazy quilt (we will just hope that there was a terrible hole in the quilt and this is a great way of preserving some of it). Out came the quilted tree skirt, our quilted stockings and a small quilt draped over the trunk that serves as our coffee table.

The cabin is looking ready for Christmas, now it needs to smell like Christmas....maybe we can cut some pine branches for the mantle and get to baking some spice cookies.  We alwys made these candy cane cookies too, but closer to Christmas so Santa can be left some.

What is your favorite Christma Cookie?


Kathy in FL said...

"My favorite Christmas cookie" is a toss up between two cookies. One is called "Cream Cheese Foldovers" and the other is "Chocolate Rollos". The "Cream Cheesers" (as they're known in my family) are a delicate cream cheese pie-crust type dough rolled out and cut into trapezoid shapes, dotted with a date-nut filling, and folded over the filling. LOTS of work, but oh so good!!! The original recipe was printed in Woman's Day magazine back in the 1960's. The "Rollos" are a chocolate cookie dough molded around an unwrapped Rollo candy, then baked. So you end up with a caramel-filled chocolate cookie. What's not to love??? And if you tasted them, you'd know why I have 2 favorite Christmas cookies! They're the only ones I make.

Salem Stitcher said...

My mom used to make a million fruit cake cookies and I loved them just a little too much.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

There's an essential "Balsam Fir" oil that you can dribble on a cotton ball and tuck in the branches of your pencil tree... you'll be amazed at the effect. Almond Cookies are the #1 most requested cookie at Chez Goodneedle this time of year.

Kim said...

I never met a Christmas cookie I didn't favorite are the plain old sugar cookies. My Mom used to make these by the dozens for us kids.....we loved'em too!

Happy decorating, it is fun to pull out the old favorite Christmas decorations isn't it?

Happy Sewing

Karen Newman Fridy said...

At our house it's "Cloud Cookies"...a chocolate chip meringue cookie that was the recipe of my childhood piano teacher's mom. I still remember the first time I tasted one!Yum!!

When my guys were little "meringue" was too hard to say, so I started calling them "Cloud Cookies." It's almost time to make some!