Saturday, April 21, 2012

Way bigger garden

I asked a neighbor to disc up my garden and double its size....well it's about 6 times bigger but I guess that's more for the groundhog. Yes the groundhog or one of its decendents has already been cruising the field waiting to see what I plant. With the new jumbo size we rented a tiller that hooked to Go Postals tractor... It did a great job, now I need to get outside and get the potatoes and seeds in the ground before the rain starts. I think I will hold off on tomato plants as the are still forecasting some frost chances next week.


Salem Stitcher said...

Cool old tractor!

Hopefully there will be plenty for you and the groundhog!

Nane said...

This is some german tractor that he got at an auction...the even cooler one is the 1950's Farmall that his Dad owned. He is going to restore it..and it has a disc with no more having to rake up rows to plant!

Becky G said...

Your dirt looks GREAT! Your plants should do well. The tractor is so evocative. Good luck with your planting. Based on today's cold weather, you were wise to hold off on planting tomatoes. Happy farming.