Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Weeks

I have two weeks before I start my new job so I plan to make the most of the time. My to do list has gotten way too long and I plan to hammer away at it.

I got to pick strawberries with Landon's class Friday while my car got worked on and Saturday made my first batch of jam using an old canner we found at GP's parents house.

I am selling trucks on Craislist and dolls on eBay while running around getting some more adoption paperwork done.

GP hung another quilt block for the Yadkin Quilt Trail on hwy 67 too!

Today will be a flurry and tomorrow my sis and I are headed to Raleigh to get the Secretary of State's office to approve our documents before heading to DC.

This won't be a two week vacation : )


Salem Stitcher said...

Good luck getting it all done. Let me know when you want to try and fit that bike ride in!

MJMR said...

I am sure you will get the important things done. Good luck.