Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Victory Junction

What a wonderful way this family has taken a tragedy and turned it into something wonderful. Although I helped make a quilt or two for the camp when it first opened I never had seen but in person until last night. Krispy Kreme is a big supporter of camp and once a week we set up a doughnut station where campers can dip their doughnut in chocolate and dredge it in sprinkles if they like. Each week campers come in from all over the country. They group these kids so that each week has a different kind of health issue. By doing that they enjoy a week where they are just like all the other campers....nobody stands out as different....and for some of these kids that might be a brand new feeling. The counselors were all so compassionate and full of energy! Richard Petty showed up after dinner and spent some time taking pictures and signing autographs with the campers. Smiles abounded. They danced and danced then it was time to watch the two pit crews compete for the kids. They all wore feather boas with their uniforms. I couldn't take many photos but the sweet images will remain with me for some time. I will definitely volunteer again! This is our friend Ashley who was finishing up a two week volunteer rotation. It is quite a magical place for sure.

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Becky G said...

The shop near Thruway has a wonderfully enthusiastic lady at the drive-thru window who makes it great fun to contribute to Victory Junction. A great cause. Kudos to Krispy Kreme.