Monday, November 12, 2012

Zion NP

A conference in Las Vegas gave us an opportunity to visit of my favorite places EVER! This canyon of sandstone cliffs was formed over millions of years by the Virgin river. I wanted to take Mike to Angel's Landing. I first discovered this hike on the first Mother's Day I spent after losing Mom. I was also out for a conference and started up this trail by myself. I have never been on such a challenging or rewarding hike. After climbing about 1400 ft across very narrow spines (aided by chains) you reach the top and can see the entire canyon floor. I took Dad back the next year and now about ten years later I got to show Go Postal.

We still got to see some Fall color near the river and saw mule deer, turkeys, fox and chipmunks. Now on to the wildlife viewing Las Vegas.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Spectacular! So happy for you two.

Becky G said...

Amazing! But I got woosey when i looked at that one photo of you on the precipice! EeeYikes! But what an amazing experience that must be. I hope one day you & Go Postal are able to share it with your son.... So many sweet memories to be held in those magestic mountains.