Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wades first sleepover

I had volunteered to help with the Grand Opening of Krispy Kremes new store in Burlington. Since I needed to leave Boonville about 4am we let Wade spend the night with Aunt Mary and his cousins. 

Landon bought a special book about Pandas that he read to him before going to sleep in his room.  Didn't take too long and he was zonked. 

The work was fun. There were about150 to 200 people waiting for us to turn on the hot light at 6am. Because Krispy Kreme is such a big supporter of Victory Junction look who showed up to help cut the ribbon. ( I had an STP sticker on my Big Wheel as a little girl by the way)

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Becky G said...

Sounds like all went well! Love that Wade's toes are peaking out from under the covers.