Monday, January 13, 2014

A little quilting on my new Machine

It's a "new to me"Bernina I bought from a friend who's mother was having to move to assisted living. I haven't sewn on it much yet but decided Sunday to try some machine quilting on this panel I bought for Wade.  He and Daddy can play with the old Matchbox collection Mike still has from his childhood (although he only brought out the banged up ones for now). This machine is about 30+,years newer than my Mom's '79 830 I have always used.  I have a lot to learn and glad Wade won't be inspecting the quilting too closely. 

I also have to include these pictures from  Sunday morning. The Langston's sent Wade this shirt and tie and he was hamming it up for the photo session before church.  Too cute!!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That "ta-da" picture of Wade is the best! I made a "road quilt" from that same panel for Mason a few years ago; I know that Wade will enjoy it just as much as my grandson does. I have a few vintage Matchbox cars here that were Kyle's, the kiddos love them.