Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Marshall's Graduated

We didn't attend the actually ceremony in Atlanta but met the rest of the crew in Blueridge, GA for a few days of fun to celebrate.  Wade loved being with him, and being in the mountains. It doesn't seem like 19 years ago when I first held his little sub 5 lb self. He has certainly grown since then and is a 6 foot, blonde hunk of a nephew.

We all took a hike on Friday and Mike, Fad and I enjoyed the Adirondack chairs at a local winery under a big maple later that afternoon. 

From there we went down to Dads as Teen was finally home three weeks after her back surgery. Mike did some mowing and I did some cooking (to stock the freezer) and Wade got to make an eating tour...first peach ice cream in Barney, then catfish in Ray City. 

Teen will kill me is she sees this photo but here they are looking at pictures from the weekend. We pray she continues to heal and get stronger. 

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