Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Banjo was our only trick or treater here at the cabin...he came calling this morning, and again tonight. He gets dry food in the morning and a treat of Friskies wet food at night. He still looks in suspiciously when he sees us in the kitchen....he remembers spotting Zorro walking around last Sunday.
It was a great Fall day today so after church Salem Stitcher, Go Postal, and Dairy Queen headed up to Hanging Rock. I haven't done much hiking this year and it was good to get some exercise a very clear day; we could see all the way to the Greensboro skyline from the top.

Then we had time to stop by and wish Bull (Jengo Fett) and Little Man (A Werewolf) a Happy Halloween and watch them and about 15 of the kids that live on their street take off on their quest for candy. Our Werewolf heard about a dentist that is offering money in exchange for Halloween candy....and he told me he wasn't eating any of his but turning it in for cash.

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Salem Stitcher said...

Thanks for yesterday. I needed to get out!

Good to know Little Man has his priorities straight! Pretty smart for a werewolf!