Monday, June 13, 2011

The Great Race 2011

The Great Race travels each summer several thousand miles (this year TN to VT). You must enter with a car that is all original and made on or before 1969. Go Postal has entering this race on his bucket list so I may have to brush up on my navigation skills....because here's the thing. You win by hitting the various checkpoints closest to the given times without the aid of anything but a clock. No speedometer, no tachometer, and for sure no GPS. There was one model entered this year that was made in 1911, it was 100 Years old! Both the Willy's and the Studabaker qualify so who knows in a few years.....

And we started with the self tanning lotion on those legs last night! Trying to get them cruise ready. And on that note, please pray for Teen....she is in terrible pain with shingles and we all want her better soon! I know she will be devistated if these don't clear up in time for the family cruise...but I believe in the power of prayer as do a lot of you that read my blog!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am praying for Teen. My Dad has been plagued by shingles lately too; he's been a trooper. Here's to good health and cruise-ready legs!!

Salem Stitcher said...

Make sure to pack the SPF 100 for those legs! Getting sunburned early on the cruise would be awful.

Prayers are going up for Teen. You all have been looking forward to this so much, it would be so sad if they missed it.