Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mary takes eleven years off

The last time my sister Mary and I rode the singletrack trails at Tanglewood she was pregnant with her oldest but didn't know it yet. He is now 10 and a half. She didn't do too bad today and was mainly along to make sure I didn't get her boys hurt.... because I can't honestly say she likes biking.

So when they ask aunt Leanne to take them "in the woods" I can't say no because I know how fast those ten years have gone by and I won't be the cool aunt for much longer.

The deer at Tanglewood have become so used to people they almost stop to pose for photos. And yes they are putting up all the Christmas lights can you believe Halloween is just a few weeks away??


KQ Sue said...

Time flies! "I miss NC", hard to believe we have been in h///, I mean, Florida over a year & a half.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your sister and I have something in common! ;) Deer almost rank up there with squirrels on my "pest meter"; they sure are beautiful though!