Thursday, October 4, 2012


I really thought our LID was going to break the log jam of waiting for a match. Our friends had seen three files before they got to this point. It's been two weeks and nothing yet, but I have been assured by our agency there is nothing wrong....just fewer files released lately by China and that puts us a little farther back in line. So we probably won't travel in Feb and it now looks more like March it April. I guess the only silver lining to waiting longer is if we don't get home with our little one until June I will qualify for the adoption assistance here at Krispy Kreme (you have to be employed 12 months to qualify) and family leave time. But we hope it won't drag out that long.

In the mean time we are getting rock added to the base of the barn, a new hot water system, painting the bathroom, adding new back door and steps off the screen porch and adding the baseboards and window trim to the quilt room (all before my family comes for Thanksgiving)

In addition there is a trip to Zion NP and Vegas in November and two peanuts quilts to make. I am not very patient but do know how to stay busy.

Got to just accept that this whole process is on God's timeline and not mine.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You're going to need to educate me on L.I.D. I am praying for patience for you; you're right about timing, everything is perfect in God's time. You'll get a ton done in the meantime!

Salem Stitcher said...

God's time...He's picking out the perfect child for you.