Wednesday, February 6, 2013


OMG it has come to our attention that our home has to be ready for a toddler in 6 or so weeks. There is no getting to it after we come home.

The baby bed is up and the quilt is made but now we have to tackle the less exciting things like:
* putting shades up in his windows
* securing cabinet doors
* securing tall cabinets to the walls
* covering outlets and securing cords
* getting a sturdy gate at the top of the stairs

And that's probably not a complete list.... We have been so focused on paperwork (Monday was Chinese Visa night) that these other things have taken a back seat. We have a few weeks of down time from the paperwork until we are given our travel date so hopefully we can make a big dent in the to do list!!

As a reward/goal I am going to head up to Mid Atlantic quilt festival on Saturday the 23rd to hang with my quilt buds. This may be Go Postals last chance for alone time too before we rocket into the world of parenthood!!!

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