Monday, September 2, 2013


The new pop camper did great. We got rain both nights and we all stayed nice and dry. Wade slept great but he also ran hard all day having cousins to chase him around. We went out on a pontoon boat Sunday afternoon and he enjoyed watching others tube but was scared when I took him on a slow ride. We had fun swimming in the lake but had to make a quick return trip to the marina when a shower set in. 

I only biked about half of the right loop (4.5 miles) at Tsali on Sunday morning. I hadn't been in the woods since March and that along with a doughnut about every day contributed to my poor fitness level. But for just a few moments on the downhills inner she beast came out and reminded me how much fun it is on these trails. They are just very unforgiving. You alternate between climbing from the lakes edge up the banks then to long rolling descents back towards Fontana lake. 

Monday we drove back through Cherokee since I had never been there and picnicked with some Bojangles along a river. We stopped for some caffeine about an hour from home and I got Wade his first Starbucks albeit a kids hot chocolate. 

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Making warm and wonderful memories... one day at a time! :)