Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow in two States

When we left Snowmass last week Wade and I said goodbye to the snow or so we thought. We got about 15" at the cabin and enough to shut down the city this week. 

Working from home with a 2 year old is challenging to say the least but I still got some things done and spent a little time outside trying to convince him snow is fun!

I never dreamed when I bought my Explorer in 2002 that I would someday live back in the woods on a gravel driveway but I was sure grateful I had it. 

So here are some images from our trip and subsequent snow day. 
Still crying, didn't like sledding in Snowmass or here at home!

Picture perfect out the kitchen window
It's never too early to establish a good work ethic!

China brothers and the youngest members of the ski club....they got the fleece to prove it!
Wade got to ride the gondola and meet us on the slopes the last day, I think he will change his tune about snow in a year or two and be ready to try skiing!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Fantastic snow photos... you and GP will make a snow lover out of Wade; I have no doubt whatsoever.

Your view out the window from home is truly a magical one; it's frame worthy.