Sunday, August 28, 2016

100th Birthday of the National Parks Service

No doubt I love visiting our National Parks. I can still remember the profound impact The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone had on me when I first saw them in fourth grade. So to mark the NPS 100th birthday (which was actually Thursday) we took Wade to the Blue Ridge Parkway to get his park passport stamped. We bought this passport for him on our trip to The Dry Tortugas National Park a few months before traveling to China. He has now stamped it in three parks!!

I can't wait until he is a little older so we can head West!  And there are still many parks on my list that I have never visited. 

We bought him a Jr Ranger hat and asked the park ranger if we could have a photo...but he said wait, I'll go get my hat too. 

And we took a short hike on the Tanawah trail so Wade could walk under the viaduct...and got this quick family photo by a passing hiker. I have to say, I love this home t-shirt on my little Chinese guy. China may be his country of birth....but NC, USA is his home.  I hope he grows to love visiting our nation's National Parks  too. He has already requested a trip to see hot I told him to ask Daddy when we could go back to Hawaii. And in just a few weeks he will get his fourth stamp when we visit Virgin Islands NP in St Johns. Who knew there was a US park there?


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