Sunday, August 21, 2016


I decided I will never be a triathlete, but a try athlete. This year's Ramblin Rose didn't get any easier I felt like I had about an extra thirty pounds on each ankle during the run. But as I was plodding along I was reminded that my Mom was already struggling with hip pain by the time she was my age. And lest we forget, they mark your calf .....
I hope to keep moving, and even though my time was a minute slower than last year it's ok. I am only racing against our family's history of arthritis and hoping to keep moving so I can keep up with Wade. 

Thanks Sam for doing it with me. This is our post event selfie. Not too glamorous but that's ok, our boys will hopefully see someday two Moms that wanted to stay healthy and strong for them. 
So even though Yoda said there is no or do not....a try athlete I hope to be again next year. And if you want to join me ladies it's a wonderful supportive group. Ramblin Rose. 225 yard swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run (or mostly walk in my case today). 

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Sam Pearce said...

Thanks for encouraging me to do this Leanne! Every year DOES get harder but it's important we keep moving . . . or else our boys will run all over us :)