Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We are now officially a family of skiers!

Wade did great at Copper Mountain. We decided to do a quick three day trip after finding some good airfare. He took a full day lesson (and had one MLK Monday at Appalachian a few weeks earlier). The second day he was ready to go out with Mom and Dad! After a few times on the magic carpet we gave the small chair lift a try.

He didn't even want to stop for lunch. Any of you that know Wade, know food is a huge priority for him....so it shows how much fun he was having. When we did stop I let him have the biggest rice krispy treat I have ever seen.

I think Mike had just as much fun watching him progress as he did learning. It won't be long before Mommy gets left in their dust.

YouTube Video

So we are now officially a family of skiers, there will be more trips in our future. Copper Mt was laid out great for families. Kids ski free, and even had free kids camp at night so we could celebrate an early Valentine's dinner.

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