Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Final Day at the Pool....This Summer

Mary and I mowed our yards, washed and waxed our cars, and took the boys swimming on Monday. It was the last day of the year for this season. Here they are demonstrating their skills. Buddy is going off the slide (although all I was able to capture was the splash so I didn't post the picture) and Little Man (above) will jump from the side and go WAY under. He can't quite get himself back up but maybe by next summer he will be swimming too.

I finished off the evening at a guild meeting where the guest speaker was all about Aprons (her website http://apronmemories.com/). We were told to wear an apron (and almost every memeber did). Granny M seemed to always have an apron on....I wore one that I think my Mom made in home ec back in the 50's. Mrs Goodneedle snaped my picture....you can visit her blog today to see it. All in all.....a Great Labor Day (even if I wasn't at the beach!)


KarenF said...

We spent the day at the pool too (and I forgot all about the meeting!). It was a fun way to say goodbye to summer...just wish the temps would make saying bye to the pool a little easier!

Quilt Memories said...

Looks like a fun time for all, where we are ( cleveland, Oh ) it's a little cooler, so that's nice. We did see a fair amount of leaves changing on our way up here. I guess on our way home ( end of the month) we will see lots more...It sure has been a hot summer, but I still like hot better than cold....
Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog, I am so glad to know someone is reading it, Take care, Bobbin