Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day

Wade took a good long nap after church on Sunday which let me get a little quilting done!  Once up we headed out to Stone Mountain to see what Wade thought of a hike under his own power since he is way too big for the backpack now. 

He loved the stream and wanted to stop and toss everything he could find into the water. "See water, see water?"

We hiked to the old homestead so he could see the mountain!

Daddy carried h back along the road. Then we went and ate Mexican food!  Hopefully a nice afternoon for Wade and his Daddy  

And here us a throwback of my own Dad. I think this is still in our Amarillo house so I  probably in kindergarten  look at the black hair and 30" waistline ; )
Little Wade sure loves Grandaddy Wade...or Gray Gray and we are looking forward to our next visit in August!

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